Saturday, January 29, 2005

Lining Going In

I've just about got the lining in the trial jacket. I inserted the body pieces today and will do the sleeves tomorrow, then the hems, and it will be done, although I need to understitch the front edges, which I will do by hand. I may use a chain weight in the hem if it acts like it needs it. I used Pendleton lining in pink. It's stiffer than what I've gotten from them before, but very nice to work with. I'm handsewing it all except the side seams. It seems to make the jacket hang much better than I had even hoped. I decided against shoulder pads, but I think on the "real" jacket, I'll at least interface the insets at the shoulder. Of course, I plan on using Textured Weft on the whole thing, so that may be enough. I want to do a little bow detail at the back neck on this one, and perhaps a pleat in the center back. It seems to have a lot of width there, but I'll pin the front shut and see how much there really is back there.

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