Friday, January 14, 2005

Pattern Drafting

I've been working the last several days on drafting a master waist-length block and a master hip-length block from my Saran wrap block. I also drafted a sleeve. The waist block is tested and seemingly very good.

Today I drafted a blouse pattern from the hip-length block. It has a stand-up lapel collar, horizontal bust darts, back shoulder darts, long one-piece sleeves with no cuffs, and it buttons down the front. Drafting the collar was interesting to say the least. I am using Modern Pattern Design by Grace Auditore as my guide, and it's very thorough, but I am using 2 separate fronts and backs for this pattern rather than cutting two fronts the same, and the back on the fold. Since the reason the wrapped block will give you wonderful fit is because you can address your anomalies and asymmetries, I decided not to give up these attributes, and to cut 4 separate parts for the body. The sleeves are identical, but reversed of course. Anyway, since the two fronts are not identical, it was interesting to get each side of the collar to match, or at least to look like it matches.

I hope to test this pattern tomorrow and see whether I'm way off. It looks pretty good from here.

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