Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Drafted Blouse/Jacket Progress

I just finished basting the drafted blouse together, and it really has turned out beautifully. It's more of a jacket than a blouse, which is what I was hoping for, but wasn't sure I'd get. The lapels lay very nicely, and actually look very good either up or down, and the turnback cuffs look good. The back is about 4" longer than the front for some reason, but it almost makes it look like a Sewing Workshop pattern or something, and I can always straighten it. It's plenty long either way. I can't decide if I want shoulder pads in it or not. The fabric is so drapey that there's a lot of show-through with them, but with a more stable fabric, I think they would be great. There's a little too much cap to the sleeve, but that's easily changed. I believe I'll line this and finish it, as it's quite nice and I may as well wear it. If I use this pattern for the Resort Tweed, I'll probably do wider front facings.

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