Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Even More Drafting

All kinds of interesting things today.

My order came from FabricMart, a dark taupe wool crepe (4 yards) and a yard of beautiful, funny, very solid brown wool printed with a floral pattern with some gold accents. It's not recommended for garments, and I plan to make a purse. It's very interesting, but very odd. It almost feels like a very heavy synthetic interfacing. I'm not quite sure how they did it, maybe it's bonded wool fibers and isn't woven at all. I don't know. The crepe will go with lots of the things in my SWAP group as well as other things. It's more of a brown than a taupe, but a very nice color. Since it came, I believe I'll order the olive rayon knit and the blue/taupe batik from Timmel's to go with my SWAP. That's part of the rules, you must order at least $25 worth of fabric from them. That's okay, it's very nice, and she sent lovely swatches.

I worked on my pattern drafting this morning and again tonight. I believe it's about ready to go. I've decided to use just one side and double it in the usual manner. Since I've raised and lengthened the shoulder seam for a dropped shoulder effect, I don't think it's going to make that much difference. I tried half the pattern in Patternease tonight, and it seems just fine. Now to do a sleeve that will work for it. Shouldn't be too tough, with the dropped shoulder. I'm thinking of an edge-stitched inverted pleat at CB, maybe not this version, but sometime. It definitely needs a little bow right under the collar at CB. Possibly with a tab and button a la the pink robe from Charles Keath in my Inspiration file. I'm going to lengthen the whole thing about 6". That may be a good length, and if not, I can shorten it. I can see it with the pleat in a contrasting color, and maybe Guffey seams in the same color. There are lots of possibilities if only the fit and the look are what I'm hoping they'll be. It needs to be in a fabric with some body, nothing too drapy, but not boardy either.

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