Saturday, January 15, 2005

Bad Luck

Oh, I'm just not pleased. I received my package from Nancy Erickson today (very fast service!) and opened it, and it's the WRONG fabric!! I couldn't believe it. The coloring is very similar, but it's not the same thing. More of a horizontal-line tweed design. I looked through my old newsletters and realized I ordered the wrong thing. The one I call the gray/beige tweed (and which is described as such in the newsletter) is named Resort Tweed. The Gray/Beige tweed is indeed the one she sent. Not surprising, since that's what I ordered. Oh well. It won't work into my SWAP the way I had planned, so I'd better think up something else quickly. Perhaps a nice wool crepe or something for the 2-piece DKNY dress. I have one coming from FabricMart, but whether it will be a good match is anyone's guess. It's Dark Taupe, so it may be alright, but I can't tell yet. How annoying!! Own fault. Sigh.

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