Saturday, January 22, 2005

3 New Tees

Tonight I finished 3 Jalie Tees for my SWAP. They are the clay rib knit, the cream textured knit, and the taupe/white/black dot/shadow stripe knit. I used SteamASeam2 Lite for the necklines on all three, and also for the hems on the clay and taupe Tees. The fit on all 3 is outstanding. I don't really understand why it's so much better than others I've made from this pattern, but I think it's probably the fabric. I have a FFF skirt cut out from the taupe also. I really wish I'd bought more of the clay rib, but I was really unsure whether it would be anything wearable when I saw the fabric. Guess I should have just taken a chance.

One of my 2 extra lengths of Resort Tweed arrived today. I need to get working on it, possibly next, or soon anyway. I still want to test the drafted blouse pattern in its latest incarnation. The brown rayon should be a good test fabric for it. I will finish the dot skirt first, but that shouldn't take long. It's supposed to be cold and rotten tomorrow with 40mph winds, so that should be perfect for sewing.

Something ate our biggest koi fish and several large goldfish out of the large pond. I am really upset about it. Everything was topsy-turvy in the pond, the fountain was disconnected from the filter, etc. Then I discovered the koi's head and one of the fantail's bodies on the ground. Lots of scales everywhere, so they ate most of them I guess. I assume it was raccoons. I'm leaving the pond lights on all night from now on. I hope that will deter them a little. The remaining fish are finally peeking their heads out to see if the coast is clear. I'm still not sure we've seen all of the ones that are left.

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