Saturday, January 08, 2005

SWAP Coordinates List

This has turned into at least a 2-Stage SWAP. Garments in bold type are the 11 garments in Stage I. As things are finished I will place a * in front of them.Basically, this means my garments over all stages will be:


  • *Olive Rayon Knit cardigan
  • Brown Double Knit cardigan
  • *Resort Tweed jacket with Abstract Silk lapels and cuffs
  • *Brown Wool Basketweave cardigan
  • *Sage/Spruce Silk Matka jacket
  • *Brown Rayon/Wool Drafted Jacket
  • *Taupe/Black Brand-pattern Wool Marfy Jacket

Tops (including blouses)

  • *Olive Rayon Knit Jalie Tee
  • *Blue/Taupe Batik Blouse
  • *Clay Rib Jalie Tee
  • *Cream Textured Knit Jalie Tee
  • *Taupe Dotted/Stripe Jalie Tee
  • Brown Rib Jalie Tee
  • Resort Tweed Bias DKNY top
  • *Abstract Silk top
  • *Plaid Poly Silky Shell
  • *Brown Rayon/Wool Bias Top


  • *Olive Rayon Knit FFF skirt
  • *Brown Double Knit FFF skirt
  • Brown Rib FFF skirt
  • *Taupe Dotted/Stripe FFF skirt
  • *Resort Tweed Bias DKNY skirt (changed to Marfy pattern)
  • *Clay Rib FFF Skirt


  • *Brown linen/poly Double Burda pants
  • *Green Tropical Wool Double Burda pants
  • *Tan Tropical Wool Double Burda pants

So as you can see, I have lots of ideas, and many of them fit together, but perhaps not just exactly the way I would wish for a one-stage SWAP. I'm hoping to get enough of them done to do the Stage I and then some.

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