Sunday, January 23, 2005

New Skirt Done

I finished the Taupe Dot/Stripe skirt this evening. It turned out very well, and the CF and CB seams are not a problem at all. I'm glad I did them after all. Otherwise it seems like the skirt has a little of the dreaded "barrel effect." The skirt is very sheer, as the stripes are sheer and the rest is very thin. I need to make a slip to wear under it, but I need a nice nude color knit for that, and I don't have one. I may order some from EmmaOneSock. She has some new stretch linings of nylon/tencel that everyone's raving about. I could use a slip for these skirts anyway. I wear a plain half slip with some of them, but something the right length would be very nice. I need to make something of tricot for the Sewciables challenge for next Thursday, and a slip would fit the bill, but no go on the color.

Apparently Pendleton's outlet is planning to stay open until toward the end of February! That's a nice turn of events. Maybe I will get up there again before they quit forever. I may call them Monday anyway and have them send me 5 yards of the yellow/pink coating wool. I wanted 2 lengths when I was there last time and ended up with only one, and I don't think 2 1/2 yards is enough to do much with, and 5 really would be plenty, but I may as well get 5 more, and then if I want a dress to go with the coat, I'll be okay. I need to make a sheath dress pattern from the Palmer/Pletsch shell pattern. It should be just a matter of lengthening it.

I cut out the brown wool/rayon tonight for the test of the drafted blouse pattern. I'm planning to do the lapels with the wrong side up, and then I can roll the cuffs on the sleeves for the same effect if I like. It's really a springy, stretchy fabric. I believe knit interfacing will be the thing to try first.

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