Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Pattern Ready to Test

I finished the new and improved version of the blouse pattern I've been working on, and tried it in PatternEase. It seems to be a success, and I'll try it in fabric tomorrow. It's hard to tell much more than the basic fit from the PatternEase test, as there's no drape to it. It's very much like tissue. I'm sort of planning the blue/gold Timmel's batik for it if this works out.

I sent the wrong tweed back to Nancy today, and printed out a mailing label which was so nice and easy. The Post Office is really improving things for their customers, and I can see why people are pleased. I'm always glad to give them my business. They have really beautiful "skyscape" stamps right now too. All different kinds of clouds. They look like your average day around here. All of them. Every day.

One of my embellished purses was shown to a Sewing Guild group in California tonight, and they raved about it! How nice. Apparently I am invited to do a program anytime. I am afraid my secrets will remain with me.....

I may do a few of the knit tops for the SWAP contest before I do much else. That way at least I'll feel that I've accomplished something concrete for it. They're easy, fast, and I know the pattern works already. What could be better?

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