Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fabric & Findings Source Links

I thought you might enjoy a list of sources I use or have considered when looking for fabrics, findings, patterns, etc. I haven't purchased from all of these vendors, but the ones I have purchased from are marked with a star.

Apple Annie's Fabrics
Bendigo Woolen Mills* Yarn
Bra-makers Supply
Lingerie Findings
Casual Elegance Fabric*
Casual Fabrics
Contemporary Cloth*
Decades of Style Patterns* Patterns
Denver Fabrics
Dharma Trading* Dyes* Yarn
ELingerieA* Lingerie Findings
Elliot Berman Textiles*
Emma Seabrooke (SewKeysE)*
Fabric Depot* Lingerie Findings
Fabric Mart*
Farmhouse Fabrics
Fashion Fabrics Club*
Fashion Sewing Group(Nancy Erickson)*
Fiber on a Whim*
Fine Fabrics
Gorgeous Things Fabrics
Greenberg & Hammer, Inc. Notions/Haberdashery
Hemp Traders
Hyena Silks
Italy Fabrics
Jalie Patterns*
Judy Barlup-Unique Techniques*
Kantjeboord Lingerie Findings
Lace Heaven* Lingerie Findings
Lace Mart*
Lacis* Embroidery, Needlework
Logan Kits Lingerie Findings
Lucy's Fabrics
MacPhee Workshop
Malden Mills now Mill Yardage
Manhattan Fabrics
Marfy Patterns*
Mekong River Textiles
Michael's Fabrics*
MJTrends Unique Fabrics*
MJ Trim
NY Fashion Center Fabrics
Onion Patterns*
Sawyer Brook Fabrics
Sew Exciting Sewing Supplies* Interfacing
Sew Sassy Fabrics* Lingerie Findings
Sew Thankful
Sew True Sewing Supplies*
The Sewing Place*
The Sewing Studio
The Sewing Workshop*
Sewy (Bärbel's site) Lingerie Findings
Shirley's Sewing Stuff*
Silk Connection
Silk Road Fabrics
Silk Things*
Soft Expressions*
Southstar Supply Co.
Lingerie Findings
Stickgarne-Martha Lingerie Findings
styleARC Patterns
Textile Fabrics*
Textile Studios* Patterns
Textile Workshop
Thai Silks*
Tinsel Trading
Trim Fabric*
Waechter's Silk Shop
Wien2002 Lingerie Findings
Yarn Country*

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Anonymous said...

I read your blog every morning along
with dress a day , glorious things
G Marie sews and more.
So nice to encounter you on Artisan square.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog and I find it helpful.
I'm a fashion student and I just started my specialization in lingerie. I'd really appreciate it if you can give me some info on the fabrics. What fabric do you usually use for the lining of bras? And where do you suggest I should purchase them?
Thank you.