Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Clashing Ideas

I finished the KwikSew lace undershirts on Sunday. . I really like the foldover elastic, and will plan to use it again. It's apparently sort of hard to find in colors, but is very dyeable, so that's always an option. I've decided to enter the BYOC contest again, and I will do a Lingerie Collection for it. These will be my first garments.

I am thinking now that for the SWAP contest, I will end up doing kind of a 2 stage SWAP all at once, as things may work together better that way. Here are the first 4 pieces. . The dotted top and skirt will be in Stage I if I change the tweed/abstract silk jacket to Stage II. As things are finished I will place a * in front of them.Basically, this means my garments over all stages will be:


  • *Olive Rayon Knit cardigan
  • Brown Double Knit cardigan
  • Resort Tweed jacket with Abstract Silk lapels and cuffs
  • *Brown Wool Basketweave cardigan
  • Sage/Spruce Silk Matka jacket
  • *Brown Rayon/Wool Drafted Jacket

Tops (including blouses)

  • *Olive Rayon Knit Jalie Tee
  • Blue/Taupe Batik Blouse
  • *Clay Rib Jalie Tee
  • *Cream Textured Knit Jalie Tee
  • *Taupe Dotted/Stripe Jalie Tee
  • Brown Rib Jalie Tee
  • Resort Tweed Bias DKNY top
  • Abstract Silk top
  • *Plaid Poly Silky Shell
  • *Brown Rayon/Wool Bias Top


  • *Olive Rayon Knit FFF skirt
  • *Brown Double Knit FFF skirt
  • Brown Rib FFF skirt
  • *Taupe Dotted/Stripe FFF skirt
  • Resort Tweed Bias DKNY skirt
  • Clay Rib FFF Skirt


  • *Brown linen/poly Double Burda pants
  • *Green Tropical Wool Double Burda pants
  • *Tan Tropical Wool Double Burda pants (previously sewn)

So as you can see, I have lots of ideas, and many of them fit together, but perhaps not just exactly the way I would wish for a one-stage SWAP. I'm hoping to get enough of them done to do the Stage I and then some.

I worked on my drafted blouse again last night, and it's coming along pretty well. The fabric has turned out to be terribly drapy, perhaps almost unstable. It would be perfect for Loes Hinse's designs. I hope it's going to be okay for this. Time will tell.

I went to a Sewing Guild meeting last night, and the speaker was Vince Quevedo, a professor and designer from the University of Nebraska. What a great program! He was very engaging, and very inspiring. I would imagine that he's a wonderful teacher. His website is well worth looking at. It's Vinci Designs.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Under Assistant Designers Melissa Peterson's crochet is really inspiring as I crochet. I've thought of doing designs similar to what she's done but I thought "no one would wear that!!"