Monday, January 17, 2005

Good Luck & More Drafting

A very kind poster at Sewing World came to my rescue and offered me 1 3/4 yards of the Resort Tweed! That may be enough to keep me going anyway. I would like a little more if I can get it, but I'm not counting on it. Nancy was kind enough to offer me a refund on the 3 yards of the wrong tweed that I ordered. It will go back in the morning. I need to order my other fabrics from Julie at Timmel's. She sent yummy swatches, and there are several that will really fit right into my SWAP collection.

I spent the afternoon and evening redrafting my blouse pattern. I'm basing it partly on CG's jacket pattern shown below. It has the squared insets in front of the armscyes. This is where the darts are. I believe I have the fronts done to my satisfaction, and the backs should be much easier. I will make it up in another throw-away fabric, just in case.

I made up the first blouse pattern in a thin, slate-blue suedecloth. It's not too bad, but needs some improvement. For this type of garment, the armscyes need to be lowered more, and some added width in the body will be good. It almost looks more like a jacket, which is kind of nice. I really like the collar. At the center back it comes down to a slight V, which is unusual, but I kind of like it. It would be darling with a tiny flat bow right below it, or a button or something. It looks like a really chic detail.

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