Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wardrobing & Buttons

I'm feeling light-as-a-feather today, because I finished a project last night that had been weighing heavily on my mind. I did a program for my local Sewing Guild on Wardrobing. It was actually a lot of fun, and went fairly well, but I worried a lot about it, and I'm just as glad that it's over.

One of our members brought several boxes of sewing items to the meeting, that she was looking for new homes for. They were things that had belonged to her mother-in-law, and among other things, she had lots of buttons. I was surprised and very pleased when she handed me a large bag of buttons and said she thought I'd like these. She was so right! I love buttons of all kinds, and there are some really unique ones here, and some very large ones, which I always gravitate toward. They seem to be very hard to find as well.

Half the Buttons
Some of my favorites are the large green carved buttons, and the blue and white swirl buttons on the left. I also love the set of 6 large, domed buttons in a dark brown with brass rods inset to look like round dots. They don't show well in the photo at all.

Other Half of the Buttons

Many of these are plastic buttons, but they seem to be a much nicer plastic than modern buttons, or maybe it's that they've improved with age. I'm not sure, but I know I'll be using some of these anyway, and maybe quite a few.

I've been knitting madly on the Bendigo Cabled Cardigan, and finished one side of the front the other day. I think it turned out very well. There will be a band at the CF that is picked up, so it will be a little wider. It seems to be turning out the correct size, which is always encouraging. Here's a photo of the front, and a close-up of the stitch patterns.


Stitch Patterns


Tany said...

Liana, your knitting work is magnificent!

Zazzu said...

Cool buttons! Obviously, the previous owner really liked yellow, green and purple.

I think you knit faster than a machine. Definitely better than one ;)

Anonymous said...

Liana, that knitting is so very fine!! It looks like machine knitting, I love the pattern.

You made out like a bandit with those buttons, lucky you.