Thursday, January 11, 2007

Armani Fabric?

Armani Fabric

This is a scan of some fabric that I found today in a place I didn't expect it. Wal-Mart. It was on the $2/yard table, and it immediately stood out when I came around the corner. It's a very nice jacquard burn-out print fabric in a great colorway. It's a little brighter than the scan shows, but not much. It's not what you'd expect with a shiny poly fabric, and I think there's quite a bit of rayon in it, and in fact, it may be almost all rayon, with polyester in the jacquard leaves, and around and through the burnout spots. The fact that it says Giorgio Armani Perfume near the selvedge is a slight puzzle. Could this have been meant for scarves for one of their perfume promotions? Who knows? It's pretty anyway, and a very high quality. I bought 5 yards, and am thinking of either a dress, or possibly a matching blouse and jacket lining.

I also got the new Spring 2007 Marfy catalog today! What joy, and surprise. I knew it would come quicker by courier (UPS) than by mail, but this is unbelievable. They only released it 2 days ago. So, now I'm poring over that, and gazing at my new fabric, and it may be going to give us a big ice and snow storm starting about tomorrow morning, so I'm ready to stay home and work!

Thank you all for the very kind comments on my jeans. There were questions about the Hollywood Waist technique, and I will definitely take photos next time I do one, but there's a great tutorial for this technique on Pam Erny's site, Off the Cuff. She taught me this method, and calls it the Comfy Waistband, which it certainly is, but I've found that more people call this the Hollywood Waistband, which sounds more glamorous in any case.


Carole said...

I've always used that method to put in an elastic waistband. I must have learned it during my "Strech and Sew" days! It really is the easiest way.

Liana said...

Well, I missed the whole Stretch'n'Sew thing, but it would be hard to believe someone hadn't come up with this great idea a long time ago. :)