Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fundamental Socks

From Knitting

These socks are not a thing of beauty, as I am the first to point out, but they are certainly well-made socks, and very warm, and perfect for wearing any old time, whereas I have a tendency to save my "good" handknitted socks for less hard wear. As I mentioned before, this pattern calls for Woolly Nylon thread as a reinforcement carry-along in the heel, sole and toe stitches. This is accomplished by knitting it along with the yarn in those places, but when knitting across the instep stitches, you knit with the yarn alone, adding the thread again when you get to the sole stitches again. This creates a ladder of thread inside the foot of the sock. I actually took some good photos of this, and I cannot tell you how annoyed I was when I tried to download them, and they all disappeared into cyberspace. By that time of course, I had cut off the ladder threads, and so couldn't re-take the photos. Some days.... The threads do not work their way out, and there's no need to secure them; just cut them off. This is mindless knitting at its best, too. It was about a 3-day project for the pair. One was half finished very pleasantly during the Rose Parade.

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease for these, and one skein makes the pair.


Mardel said...

I do like the socks, and the thought of using Wool-Ease for the socks as it is so very hard-wearing. I am contemplating a few pairs for just general working around socks.

I had read about the woolly nylon idea but didn't know anyone who had used it. Great idea.

Susan said...

The socks are hot! What can I say but you've started a trend!!Just dropping you a note to compliment you on your blog! Being a sewing enthusiast myself, I appreciate the opportunity to learn from and share information with other sewers. I would like to send you a free pattern from my pattern store, www.sewinggarden.com. If you're interested please email me at:
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