Saturday, January 27, 2007

Moving Along

I finally broke down and ordered several things from FabricMart the other day. They have some really gorgeous, unusual things right now. I hope I'm going to get to them quickly after they come, as well. In hopes that action will occur, I worked a little while tonight on several things.

I got out a Marfy jacket pattern to see if I had enough of a wide wale knit to make it up, and the answer is no. Instead, I'm seriously considering using a cotton with metallic designs that I got last year. I washed a swatch to see if it was going to shrink or otherwise go weird, and it seems to be very stable. I thought I'd try washing a swatch of my Armani Perfume fabric as well, and was pleased to find that it too is very stable, and seemingly unaffected by washing. A friend guessed that it had some acetate in it, and it appears that it doesn't, which is just fine.

I worked a bit on the matelassé/chiffon Marfy dress I've been inching along on, and I feel like I'm making progress. I keep thinking I need armscye facings, and I become somewhat stymied. Then I realize it has sleeves, for heaven's sake! I cut the neckline lower this evening, compensating for what I took out at the shoulder, and it improves it no end. I begin to think I may actually get it done in fairly decent time.

I've been looking at the Couture shows, and am getting a little excited by them. There are some really interesting things. The Dior show is absolutely outstanding this season, but Valentino appeals to me as well, especially from a sewing point of view, just because of his beautiful fabrics and techniques. Every detail of his garments is obviously thought out very carefully, and the care taken certainly shows.

Hip volume really is coming to the fore, after a few seasons of foreshadowing, and it begins to look quite good. There are some very nice tunics that flare at the hip, and while I don't know that I'd care for them on me, they do look good on the runway.

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