Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Knitting Enablement aka Happy Birthday

From Yarn

My sister-in-law has expressed interest in knitting, and tomorrow is her birthday. What could be more perfect? My family has all gone in on a gift, and I was delegated to find something. Of course I decided that this was the perfect time to get her hooked.

I included a beginning knitting book that's used by the LYS, just in case she wants to take their class, Brown Sheep worsted weight yarn in 3 colors, 2 circular needles, sizes 6 & 8, and various yarns from my collection so she can try out different things, just for fun. I also put in a copy of Classic Elite's Knitting the New Classics that I happened to have. I think it has some very tempting patterns. I put the whole collection in a bag suitable for knitting, and there it is! I'm feeling rather successful. I just hope she likes it!

From Yarn


Anonymous said...

what a great gift idea!! I would love to receive such a knitting bag filled with goodies!
Jeannie W.

Anonymous said...

Liana, did you forget the needles? A small assortment of those and stitch counters as well as markers etc etc...I was just wondering...LOL...
Nice present, maybe she could get some lessons from you...like a weekend workshop?

Liana said...

No, I didn't forget! I put in 2 circular needles. I figured markers and counters would be next, and we're planning some help sessions. I think she's like me, and would almost rather figure it out herself, but she knows I'm right here, available for help.

Tany said...

Such a lovely gift! It's perfect!