Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Pincushion

My Pincushion

Debbie at Stitches and Seams had a post about her pincushion that caught my fancy. She got a new pincushion, color-coordinated to her recently decorated sewing room. You wouldn't think such a small item would be so exciting to get, but I knew exactly how she felt. It was fun to see hers, and I thought I'd take a photo of mine. It would be fun to see all of yours, too!

Mine is nowhere near as pristine as hers, since mine has been in use for a couple of years, but I am actually a little picky about what goes into it.


stacy said...

Actually, I use several. I have a large tomato sewing basket lid that remains on my sewing table or follows me if I have lots of pinning to do:

I also have a pincushion that I recently made (inspired by Jeffery's of Project Runway) that travels to classes with me or when I have small amounts of pinning to do:

Debbie Cook said...

Now that's a pincushion! I'm intrigued by all the little faces around it.

Stitchy Fingers said...

I like the little faces too. Do you try to avoid sticking pins in them? I think I would! I posted a picture of my pincushions on my blog.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

I have the little Asian guys too!
One's for my glass head pins and another for the flower heads.

Plus, I found a couple of little boxes with little guys, too. If you have a Cost Plus World Market or Asian groceries nearby, you can often find them there for cheap! I think mine were $1.99 each. I've given a lot of these for gifts because they're so cute!

And yes, I have some tomatoes too, because you just have to have the emery strawberry.

Liana said...

Ooh, I love seeing everyone's pincushions! I stick needles into the little men's backs, if I want to know where I put a certain one, but their heads are sort of hard. When I was little, I cut the pigtails off the men on my Mom's pincushion. That went over well! :) Someone gave me a tiny one with only one man, and it's a Xmas ornament.