Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chiffon Sleeves

Chiffon Sleeve Seam

I've been working on my Marfy dress again with the chiffon sleeves and collar. I got brave and cut out the chiffon, and have been working with it. I didn't do a french seam, just a regular seam, and then turned both seam allowances to one side, but didn't make them completely flat, and stitched through them with a hand whipstitch. I then trimmed very closely. The seam allowance is now tiny, and very flexible. I also did the edges of the sleeve placket with a hand-rolled edge, as you would do a scarf. I used a fine silk thread for both of these operations. It's a #100, rather than a #50, which is regular machine stitching weight. I've begun attaching the matelassé cuffs and will then attach the sleeves to the dress. Then it will be on to the collar.

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Anonymous said...

Liana, you sewed the two seam allowances together with the whipstich, and then trimmed? I guess this is easier than trimming and then stitching? It looks so nice. I'm having a dense moment here, but am glad you are sharing this chiffon sewing!