Monday, February 07, 2005

Semi-Productive Day

Not really a productive day in some ways, but I got a lot done. I finished the Marfy top and embellished the front panel with tufty eyelash yarn and the Embellisher, which is kind of cute. I also put one row of yarn around the neckline and armholes. All this in aid of trying to make it look good on me, which it isn't ever going to because of the hemline. I also don't really need all those gathers in the front, but it's the hemline that's the worst. I just don't need curves like that. Oh well, the fit was what I was after, and I found out that's the size I need, so I ordered the other patterns today. I assume it will take at least a couple weeks to get them. We shall see.

I also did enough on my second version drafted jacket to find that it's not a success. I will revert to the version I used with the brown fabric. I'm going to check it and my block against Cynthia Guffey's pattern and see how that will be. I suppose I'd better do a muslin of it too before I try it, if I do. It's time to decide on the official jacket for my SWAP though. It may be the olive rayon knit NE #1960 cardigan, which I need anyway.

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