Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Change of Mind

Change of mind...wouldn't that be nice? Or not. Oh well, it just struck me funny after I typed it.

I've been thinking and thinking about what's wrong with that Marfy top, and tried it on again last night with a long skirt, thinking that might help elongate the line, and improve the look, and I realized that its problem is that I didn't shorten the top between the shoulder and bust. Quite an oversight, and look at the problems it caused. I pinned the shoulders where they should be, and suddenly it all falls into place, and is much better. Here is even a photo of the new, improved version. It's still not my best thing, and even with a matching skirt, would seem to be for an event I'm not planning to attend, so it's going to a friend's 7-year-old for the Dress Up Box, along with the rest of the embellishment yarn. She's learning to knit, so a boa would be great fun with this. I may make another version in a different color, with perhaps more subtle embellishment, and I really think sleeves or something would improve this. Perhaps swags of the yarn over the shoulder in lieu of sleeves.

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Anonymous said...

I'll take it!!! :~) You're a really talented seamstress do you sew for other people?