Monday, February 21, 2005

Cardigan Is Done

I finished the cardigan Saturday night except for cutting the buttonholes open and sewing on the buttons. I applied FrayCheck and left it to dry overnight.

In general I'm pleased by the way this turned out. Especially since the fabric was not considered ideal for this pattern.

My SWAP progress appears to be mostly sideways, as this is yet another adjunct piece and not one of the actual 11. I suppose it could be, but I'm planning on starting on the Olive Rayon Knit cardigan, skirt and top next, and those are some of the
real SWAP pieces. I still have quite a lot of time left, so should be okay.

I bought two interesting knits this evening. One is a sheer, lacy cream colored piece that will make lovely undershirts, and the other is a thin rust colored matte knit. I think it will be a Tee. Still buying fabric faster than I seem to be able to make it up. It was ever thus.

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