Sunday, February 06, 2005

Marfy Top

I finished the Marfy top last night except for the edge finishes (which they give no clue about) and the embellishing, which I didn't do yet since this was a fit test, and I wanted to be done in a hurry so I can order the other patterns today. I was very pleasantly surprised that the fit on this is really good without any alterations. I measured the pattern, which seemed like it was fine, and hoped for the best. I used a tan heather jersey knit (jersey was the first recommended fabric) and interfaced the center panel. I omitted the back zipper since it's a stretchy knit, and I have no trouble getting it over my head. It is fairly close fitting, but certainly not too tight, so I am pretty pleased. It definitely needs the embellishment so that it has a good focal point. I am thinking of using binding at the arm and neck edges, turned to the inside, with perhaps topstitching which would "match" the embellishment. Otherwise, I think just turning and invisibly hemming will be the way to go.

I think this would be very nice in a crepe, which is the other recommended fabric, or something with a nice drape and not so much clinginess. I will think about how to embellish this, and post a photo if I like it. The color will definitely go with my SWAP. What more can I ask?

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