Saturday, February 19, 2005

More Cardigan Work

I'm so pleased with the Italian Wool Basketweave Cardigan. I bought this fabric under the mistaken impression that it was recommended for this pattern, even though it's a woven, and then found that it wasn't. I read on Sewing World of someone else who was adapting the cardigan pattern for wovens, and it didn't sound like she was changing much. So, I finally just forged ahead and tried it. It has turned out beautifully, and last night I hemmed it and put the shoulder pads in, so it is all done except for the buttonholes, and I think I'm going to line it. It would be nice to have a slick interior. It makes it so much easier to slip it on and off. I will also be using some of the brown doubleknit to make a top and skirt. I may use a little of the basketweave for trimming.

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