Thursday, February 03, 2005

Jacket is Done

I finished the brown "test" jacket tonight. The lining worked very well, I like my adjustments, and it is quite nice to wear. Looks like it will go with a lot of things, including the large-scale Pendleton plaid skirt I made last year that was sort of an orphan. I hope to take photos tomorrow, probably after I go to the dentist.

Laryngitis imminent today. My voice comes and goes, and I try not to talk. Coughing is still a problem, but not too often. I scheduled a rehearsal for the soprano/oboe/piano song cycle next Wednesday. Surely I'll be healthy by then.

My fabrics from Timmels came Saturday. Very nice, and also got the new swatch group. Quite a few cute things, but I'm trying to just stay out of temptation for a while. I'm afraid I probably do have enough fabric for a while anyway!

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