Friday, February 18, 2005


I've been very busy doing lots of fabric prep, working on my SWAP, purchasing fabric, etc.

I got my Marfy patterns Monday, and checked them against my Saran block, and they are incredibly close to what I need. So, I hope that will mean few alterations. The patterns are so interesting looking. They're on a heavy tissue with almost a waxed feel, cut out already, and darts, etc. cut out. No instructions, just stamped letters on the pieces showing where the match points are. I'm really hoping for great results.

I decided to go ahead and prewash the olive rayon knit for the Nancy Erickson cardigan, etc. and also changed the shoulder slope on the cardigan to more closely match mine, and removed some of the space allowed for shoulder pads. I like a small pad, but this pattern has needed a pretty big one. I got brave and cut out the brown wool basketweave for this. The scan of the fabric is posted above. I bought it specifically for this pattern, and then was told it wouldn't work, as it's not a knit. I really thought it would, and it's actually great. I used a dark brown doubleknit for the front bands, and it looks great. I'm now trying to decide whether to do some kind of triangular embellishment on the left front shoulder, or put on fake welt pockets. I don't want the weight of regular pockets, but the line might be nice. I will just have to see. I put some of Judy Barlup's straight staytape down the inside of the band foldline. I've had trouble with those stretching out before, even though it's interfaced. I hope this will do the trick. It needs hems, buttonholes and a lining. Then it will be done.

I bought a fabulous fabric on Tuesday. It's a Chanel boucle in a cognac color from Michael's Fabrics. It's even more gorgeous in person. The scan of the fabric is posted above. It will be a suit, and I just hope I can do it justice. It has cellophane as one of the components of the weave, so it is rather unusual.

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