Monday, September 12, 2005

Party Shell Back is Done

This is a close up of the knitted fabric for the shell I'm making with Crystal Palace's Party yarn. The photo includes the right twist near the shoulder. I'm really pleased with this so far. I finished the back in a size Small this afternoon and started the front which is a Large. I'm trying my new sizing technique, and I hope it's going to work. I will end up with about a Medium in actual circumference, but with the space where I need it. The photo below is the back of the shell, before blocking of course. For some reason, all the photos except the close up above look like there is blue in the melange, but there definitely is not. The pattern I'm using is from Berroco, and the same as the Vrillee Shell I finished in May.

I also finally decided what the color and texture of this yarn really remind me of. Previously I had said "toasted meringue," but I suddenly realized that what it really is, is Nutmeg Logs. These are a log-shaped Christmas cookie with white/cream colored frosting, raked with a fork and sprinkled with nutmeg.

I didn't work on my Resort Tweed today, as my hip was really hurting, perhaps from leaning over a probably-too-low table to mark all those pattern pieces yesterday. It was a nice break anyway. This shell should be rather perfect in color for the tweed also.

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