Thursday, September 22, 2005

Are Mad....

Sorry, the title's an "in" joke. A very young relative used to ask his mother "Are mad, Mom?" and of course he knew she was. So; are mad, means it's really bad.

Everything was going along pretty well yesterday. I got my Resort Tweed Marfy jacket shell all together except the sleeves, started pinning the facings, and realized I needed a separating zipper. I have a lot of them, but the color I liked best was in a length that's too short. This only needs a 10" zipper, and I don't know where I got the shorter one, although I'm thinking Pendleton or Wazoodle, in a zipper bundle. It's a lovely taupey color, and all they have in YKK or Coats&Clarks (at the local fabric chains) are Beige, which is almost Natural, and really a little too light a color. So, I decided that if I had to go on a zipper hunt, I would just stop working on the jacket, and move on to the skirt for a while. About 10pm last night, I decided to cut out the skirt.

There are 4 pieces to the skirt, a Front and Back Yoke, and a Front and Back Skirt. None of these are cut on the fold, as they're asymmetrical. They have to be cut with the fabric right side up, and I knew this. I cut the Textured Weft first, taking great care to make sure the fusible side would correspond with the wrong side of the fashion fabric. So far, so good. Then, I proceeded to cut the Tweed with the wrong side up, and didn't flip the pattern pieces! I just couldn't believe it. I went to bed.

So, now I'm trying to decide whether to start over and cut new yoke pieces, or should I just have the angle and skirt-drape on the Right instead of the Left. At this point, I can't even decide whether I can make a good decision, so I'm waiting for a little more reflection. These are the kinds of things that are just maddening, and they never seem to become obsolete.


Eadwine Rose said...

Hi :) I have been following your work for a little while now, through the RSS feed (thank you for that!) and I had to respond to this.

I recently very successfully killed off some cute bunny fabric, and I was SO very angry at myself for doing that.

When I then went to correct things with the bit of left over fabric I had... don't laugh... I did it AGAIN.

I couldn't believe myself and "are mad" too. I just went to bed after that one, since I felt anything would fail.

Hang in there.. *hands you a hot cup of cocoa* We will share the pain, since shared is better with everything, right? ;)

Liana said...

eadwine rose,
You understand my feelings exactly, I'm sorry to say. No one should have to go through this stuff once, much less twice! You're right though, it is nicer when someone shares it, and thanks so very much for the cocoa! I think I'm feeling better already.

Lisa Laree said...

Oh, Liana, you have made me feel SOOooo much better! I've made a handful of that same kind of 'what on earth was I thinking' boo boos on my sewing in the past week...who knows why.... (and yes, I repeated the same mistake at least once!) I was beginning to think that I needed to go edit my Pattern Review profile and list my sewing level as 'advanced beginner'... but if YOU make these kinds of mistakes, then I don't have to feel like I'm losing my touch ;) Thanks!

Liana said...

Maybe it's the change of seasons that's getting us all; the autumnal equinox and all that. It must be something other than us! I don't think we ever get over this kind of mistake, it just gets more difficult to accept, maybe. Anyway, I'm glad I admitted it and perhaps made several people "happier." I do think it's comforting to know that we're not alone in our vicissitudes.