Monday, September 19, 2005

Party Shell is Done

Here's the latest version of the Berroco Shell pattern I've used several times. I did this in Party yarn by Crystal Palace. This was a (successful, I think) experiment in sizing, as I used a Small for the Back, and a Large for the Front. I like the fit very much, and I used single crochet around the armholes for a more covered-up look than the pattern, and also to tighten them a little. Here's a side view of the shell.

The finishing on this went pretty smoothly last night, except I seem to have to sew the first seam on every sweater lately so that one right side and one wrong side face out. This was not a fun yarn to rip out either. It slides nicely, but it's hard to tell where it goes. Just a little more care and patience would probably work wonders, both in knitting and in life in general.


Gaile said...

I've done the same thing with sewing patterns (used two sizes), but back then I needed more room in the back than the front. It's a technique that I had great success with. That shell fits you perfectly!

Liana said...

Thanks Gaile! I'm much more intrepid about changes to sewing patterns, but I'm getting braver with the knitting ones too.

Lisa said...

I love this shell. It's the best yet; the fit is perfection.

More please!