Saturday, September 17, 2005

Lily Chin Class

I had a wonderful time yesterday taking a class on KnitWeaving with Lily Chin! She is just as delightful as many have said, and a great teacher with lots of wonderful ideas and great samples. We made swatches of quite a few of the techniques, and that's what you see here. The top swatch (the very top part) is probably my favorite, and the one I will likely use for a garment. I'm thinking a coat, although that may be just a little ambitious.
The second swatch is really a fun technique, and will make some great scarves very quickly. I'm thinking Christmas gifts here.
The third is not really a weaving technique, but a stitch pattern, which I've done before, but Lily has some interesting innovations which made me really take another look at it.
The last photo is of all my technique swatches.

As I said, I really enjoyed the class, but I don't think I could stand another very quickly, just beause when I got home, I was so tired and really achy all over from sitting (with a few nice breaks) for 8 hours. I was really surprised that it bothered me, but I guess my days are very varied, and I don't sit that long ever.

I want to make some extra notes before I forget what I learned, and what ideas I've had, as I know I will not get back to this right away, but WHAT A FUN TIME!!

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