Friday, September 02, 2005

The Mailman's a Good Guy

Yesterday I got my birthday present (not too late) from my sister. A lovely pair of Kai Pinking Shears. I asked for a dressmaker's shears last year, and love them, and was hoping she might think I needed the pinkers this year. My very old Fiskars pinkers were dull beyond redemption, and I was making do with a left-handed Ginghers pair (anyone like them?) that came to rest here, and a cheapie pair as an interim solution. It can never be said enough: quality tools really do help make quality work. They certainly lower the frustration level anyway. I still pink things fairly often. Most projects get a touch of it at least, and some get quite extensive pinking.

I also got my first package of sample skeins from Elann yesterday. What fun!!! You get 5-10 yard samples of their new yarns for each month. This is enough to try needle sizes, stitches, yarn combinations, etc. In other words, you get to play. It also includes a free subscription to their monthly newsletter which includes yarn swatches of each colorway of each yarn, and suggested patterns, etc. I used to get the newsletter, but haven't for several years, but the sample skeins are all new to me, and it was such a treat to get them. Just what I need, more almost irresistible temptation. I can hardly wait for the next batch.

Today the new Threads came. It looks good. With Chanel jackets on the cover, how bad could it be?

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