Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Knitted Shell

Schjeepes Vrillée Shell

This is knitted from Berroco booklet #189. I used Vrillée Fine yarn from Schjeepes in Lemon. I actually finished knitting the pieces of this in the summer of 2003, but just put them together and picked up the stitches for the neckline finish today. It's a pattern I've done several times, and I think it's a nice one. I changed the lower edge from a rolled edge to 6 rows of seed stitch, which I think is much prettier, and much more wearable.

For some reason, I'm suddenly in the mood to knit again, and I'm finding projects in various stages that I could pick up and finish. Quite a few of them are too big now, and I don't know what to do about them. Should I just rip them all out and start over, or finish the knitting, and cut and sew to the right size? I need to read through some of the patterns I was using, and the notes I made to see if I can even figure out what I was doing. There's one very complicated Anny Blatt cardigan with 2 yarns alternating in a tweed-type pattern (if I even remember that right) that I have a whole page of very tiny notes and specific calculations that look quite important, but I don't know if they make sense anymore. It seems to be all done except part of one front and the sleeves. The yarns are gorgeous and the colors are wonderful. I hate to rip it all out, but it ought to be finished. Oh well, I'll see if this mood lasts anyway.

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Romy said...

Wow always elegant Liana, nice work on that too. Very nice on you. Ssewing, knitting, singing, is it something you can't do?