Saturday, September 10, 2005

Finally, Resort Tweed

I have been dithering about what to work on for quite a while now. I really want to get to Autumn things, but it's still in the 90's here, and I know I could wear some summer things yet. Anyway, I finally committed to working on the Marfy 9419 jacket in Resort Tweed

with silk crepe facings.

I plan to do 3/4 sleeves, but instead of a binding around the edges, I'm going to do turn-back cuffs with silk facings.

I'm also doing the Marfy 9420 skirt in the tweed, with the lower part of the skirt faced/lined in the silk. I may even have enough of the silk left for a matching blouse or at least a shell. It seems to be taking much less fabric than I originally thought, although I originally planned a much longer, bias Vogue skirt from this fabric, which would have taken about twice as much as this skirt, if not more.

This afternoon and evening, I got the tweed for the jacket thread traced and cut out. I will do the skirt tomorrow, and then the interfacing for the jacket, then the silk. Quite a production just to get it all prepared. Thank goodness for football season. It does give me time to work on this kind of project!


Gaile said...

That pattern is gorgeous! Where do you buy those patterns?

Liana said...

Aren't those great? You can order them from several places, including Marfy. I usually order from Nancy Erickson at the Fashion Sewing Group and Vogue just started carrying them recently. is a link to theirs, but they don't have all the new designs. You have to buy the catalog to see everything, and you get 3 free patterns with it (no choice.) There are no instructions, and the only photo is the one in the catalog, or on the website, so it's an adventure!