Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Test for Marfy Skirt

Last night I tested the yoke section of the Marfy skirt (9420) that I'm making from the Resort Tweed. It's asymmetrical and fitted, and I thought it best to check it, even after flat-measuring produced good results. It fits beautifully, and I'm tempted to finish the trial skirt (made from black/white gingham rayon) and wear it. I think I'll restrain myself though. I'm planning to work on the jacket (9419) first, and cut out the silk jacket facings and fused them last night. Because of the diagonal print, I changed the grain to give a pleasing effect, and I hope that fusing them with TextureWeft cut on the correct grain will take care of any problems. We'll certainly see.

I'm off to a Lily Chin Weaving Techniques for Knitting class all day on Friday. I'm excited, as it is a topic I know nothing about, and it sounds very intriguing. She is said to be a great teacher, too. It's sponsored by Threads, my local yarn shop.

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