Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Ideas

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I don't think I've ever gotten 3 packages in the mail on the same day before, but today I did. First, I got the new Marfy catalog which I've skimmed quickly and am now going to go back and look a little more carefully. There are a few things that really caught me eye, so I'll see if they look as good the second time around. They're only putting out one catalog per year now instead of two, but apparently they made their decision kind of late, and so this one is only about 20 pages longer than the regular seasonal edition would be. They're gong to put the next one out in January of 2009, and it will be quite a bit bigger than this.

You can see my interfacing on the left side of the photo, and toward the bottom is the yarn that came from The striped fabric (which perfectly matches one of the yarns) was a find this morning at JoAnn's. I was just on a spec trip, and this jumped out at me. It's a polyester, but the colors are mine, and I like its crinkled effect. I'm thinking of a Marfy tunic pattern that I have but haven't tried yet. I washed the fabric this evening, so it's ready to go.

I am about halfway done with the buttonholes on my coat, and things are beginning to be fun. I have almost all of the underlining attached to the various pieces and am about ready to roll. I hope tomorrow will be a day I can work in. It seems like my days have been really broken up for a couple weeks, and it's hard to get much done.


Cherie said...

Hi, Liana, I've not commented in a long while, but had to say I love that Marfy blouse. Can't wait to see it done. That fabric should be lovely in the blouse.

Vicki said...

I was wondering if you had received your Marfy yet. I will be interested if you think it is a good buy this year. That Joanne's fabric is nice - good find!

Mardel said...

Oh good. I have been eagerly awaiting your thoughts on the Marfy as your selections always make me go back and look at a few patterns in a different way. Like the fabric and the yarns.