Sunday, February 03, 2008

Coat choices

I've been working on the Marfy coat, but am still in the planning and cutting stages. It's proving to be an interesting and rather challenging project. Marji wanted to know more about the fabric, and here's a photo of it draped around a bit.

As you can see from the photos below, it's a lot wider wale than a regular corduroy; about a half inch per wale. It's drapey enough that I am using a sew-in interfacing as underlining for the fronts and under collar. At this point, I'm planning to use a heavy flannel to underline the back and sleeves. The faux suede panels have fusible interfacing as underlining. The entire thing will be lined of course, and I'm thinking of interlining as well, although I haven't decided yet. I want it to be warm, and yet I don't want stiffness, which is why I'm not leaning toward using the sew-in on the back and sleeves. I've been cutting out and cutting out and I really hate cutting out, so I've been taking frequent breaks which is not conducive to quick work, but when I start getting tired and frustrated, it's better that I quit than make some stupid mistake.

I've decided on bound buttonholes and I searched through my button collection. I really thought I wanted very large buttons, but have changed my mind I think. Anyway, I've decided for now on the rectangular buttons I got from Fabric Mart. You can see it below by itself, and also buttoned through the buttonhole, and with the other possibles below that. I think the colors are best on the lower photo.

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Marji said...

Liana, your bound buttonhole in that corduroy is impeccable.
I love reading about the decision process and the testing.
I'm intrigued by the link for the interfacings. would it be really an imposition to ask how each available interfacing compares to the std's available: Angel weft, Armoweft, Easy-knit, Sof-knit? It's challenging that they put their own name on each.
The rectangular buttons are a fab shape on the corduroy. Is the color camel or grey?

Alexandra said...

Liana, that is one gorgeous bound buttonhole! The rectangular buttons are very interesting and unusual.
I enjoy reading your blogs.

Vicki said...

The look of both fabrics together on the buttonhole looks really nice. And I am sure cutting out the large cord would be tiring!

Did you ever finish the coat you were draping?

Liana said...

Marji, The buttons are more camel, and someone just mentioned how much they'd hate having to use square buttons on an everyday coat. Maybe so, but they're really cute, though....

Vicki, No, I haven't finished it yet. I was waiting for a form, and now that I have one, I still haven't finished. It's still on the list though. :)