Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cherry Pie

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Late to the blog, but the pie itself was on time. I am not an eager baker, but I do enjoy it when I get it done. This was a Washington's Birthday Cherry Pie. I used a bag of frozen, tart cherries and a recipe from the Farm Journal Pie Cookbook. My aunt, who's a fantastic cook and baker thinks this is THE pie cookbook to have, and I happened to have a copy, so I treasure it, and use it. It's from 1965, when pies were generally homemade or you didn't have any. I see copies on eBay for a wide variety of prices.


Still plugging along on the coat, but not much progress today. The sleeves are in, also the shoulder pads, hems pressed up and I've begun attaching the lining. I'm hoping for more time tomorrow, at least in the afternoon.

I got the latest Town and Country and Harper's Bazaar in the last couple days, so that's been fun. I haven't gotten through the Bazaar yet, but I thought T&C had really good Spring fashion coverage.


Melody said...

OMG! I have that exact cookbook, too funny. It's the "go to" guide for pie.

Anonymous said...

You certainly sent me scampering to Ebay for a copy, where I found one in good condition so I took it. I hope it lives up to its reputation...
Thanks for listing it...I am a cookbook freak anyways, so I didn't need any prodding.

Elle said...

I'll have to find a copy to call my own. For cakes, I rely on Rose Levy Barenbaum's (sp?) "The Cake Bible", it is foolproof. The Triple Layer Devil Cake is to die for, especially when it is covered with a frosting of Callebaut Bittersweet and heavy cream (also in The Cake Bible). So when The Pie Bible came out, I got it right away. Notwhere near as good, I think. The pies I made certainly did not taste like those made by my many aunts in Pennsylvania 40 years ago. Now those were pies. Probably something to do with the fresh ingredients, too.

I use to make peach pies all winter from peaches that my father canned at the end of the summer (what a mess he made in the kitchen). The peaches were from the Western Slope in Colorado, they were big and juicy as nectarines picked of the tree at perfect ripeness, and we bought them by the box.

One of my fantasies involves a hobby farm with fruit trees, peach and cherry and apple.

Thanks for stirring all of these memories!