Sunday, February 10, 2008

2008 Marfy Catalog

As I mentioned, the 2008 Marfy catalog came Friday and I've spent some quality time with it. I like to turn down pages for things that catch my eye, then put it aside and when I return to it, see if I'm still pleased with my preliminary choices.

In general, I think this is a pretty good catalog. There are some nice styles, and a couple of must-haves for me. One thing I was interested in was all the lightweight jackets shown over dresses or separates. They're almost more of an overblouse or shirtjacket in weight I think, and although I don't have any of them on my buying list yet, there's one in the free patterns and I love wearing that kind of thing. There must be one with every variation of sleeve, hem shape, neckline, closure, etc., so there's no reason not to find one you like if that's a style that grabs you too.

Click on the Photo Link under any picture to go to a larger image for a detailed view.

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I'll start with a view of the free patterns, which I think are rather exceptional. The inclusion of a Chanel-style suit complete with top is very nice. The babydoll top and cropped pants don't do it for me, but the tunic shown (which could easily be a dress) is, I think, a step up from the Duro dress we saw so much of last year. The overblouse/shirtjacket on the right (which they call a tunic) is very much the style I was speaking of above. Cute pockets and sleeves on this. The little tank under it is a nice basic as well. The suit and the tunic and top all go to size 58 (bust47/hip49) as do many (perhaps most) of the patterns in the catalog. I know there's been some complaining that they needed to extend their size range, and perhaps they've been listening.

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I love this sundress. It's probably my favorite in the group just for its immediacy. I think the neckline is the cutest thing I've seen in a while. I'm not sure I'll do the cut-in shoulders, but it would be cute with a plain sleeveless shoulder too. It's one that would be really cute in lighter-weight denim, although I think a pique would be great, or does anyone else remember Trigger? The fabric, not the horse.... Something like that would be good too.

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I thought the closure on this vest was just so clever, and really cute. We're seeing so many little inset belts or half-belts that this could be cute on a jacket or even pants as well as a vest.

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I really like the lines of this suit, and the neckline is very much au courant without being too trendy. It's almost a basic, but the neckline gives it a nice update.

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This top is one that I immediately liked, but also thought that it wasn't really me. But, I kept coming back to it. I really like all the details, although I think you could leave off the underbust tabs and even the pockets and be just fine. It's the neckline treatment I like, and I'm not sure I couldn't just do that on a top I already have, as empire waists are not necessarily great on me. It wouldn't have to be really fitted though, and it might be quite darling in a sheer or very fine fabric.

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Finally, this coat caught my eye. It's very basic, but it's a really nice basic, and I'd like to have it because I know I'll want that style sooner or later, and there's nothing about it that I don't like. Since Marfy patterns seem to fit me so well, I've decided that I might as well use them for basics if I can.

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Beyond these, there are a couple of things I marked just for one or two details, including some cute pant details, like inset and cargo-style pockets with a hem slightly gathered with a cord through grommets. (Left) I think they could be really cute for summer, but I'll use my own TNT pant pattern instead of re-inventing the wheel.


Nancy JC said...

Thanks for the peek at the new Marfy! The suit is indeed beautiful, and would really be beautiful on you. I like the sundress a lot as well. I remember having a Vogue sundress that I made in the early '70's that had the cut-in shoulders, and you know, it was really pretty. Don't give that idea up. I think for those of us at a certain age who still have great posture and no bulges the cut-in shoulder can be kind of sexy without giving away the store!

It will be fun to see what you decide upon!

We have 2 JoAnn's in our metro area; unfortunately the good one is 25 minutes across town. Looks like I need to see what is happening over there.

Elann yarn? You are tempting me!

Please send some warmer, calmer weather to the east....

Nancy JC

Laura said...

One of the fashion spreads in the current Lucky has a pair of harem-esque pants in a printed cotton lawn, so that kind of ankle detail appears to be back in vogue.

It's always nice to hear about a pattern co. including bigger sizes.

Vicki said...

Thanks Liana for showing us some of the patterns in the latest Marfy. The drawings always draw me in!

Alexandra said...

Thank you for the catalog review. It's always helpful to read your take on the Marfy patterns. I like the Chanel-inspired suit and the green blouse (1640). I wonder if I can recreate it in PMB.

Anonymous said...

Other than I don't think I am ready to sew a Marfy yet. I love every pattern you posted and I agree with most of your comments and they sure are attractive presentations of their patterns. Thanks for posting, it is like discussing the latest with a good friend over a cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

I like the neckline detail of the blouse too. Oddly, I was at Target this morning and noticed a blouse there that had a similar detail! It was from the Isaas Mizrahi line, I think. I didn't have time to try it on, but wanted to, to see if it was flattering.

Anonymous said...

Correcting my comment from yesterday...the Target blouse with the gathering detail at the neckline had the Merona label (Target's own??), not the designer label.

Linda said...

OOOOH, Liana, thanks for sharing all of the Marfy patterns. I really liked quite a few of them.