Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Marfy Coat Progress

I've been working on this coat for a little while now and finished up one front last night and hung it up with the back on a hanger. I was worried about the little panel at the shoulder above the faux suede. It's cut on a slightly bias grain compared to the front pieces, and I was afraid that the different grains of the corduroy would look odd, so I laid a piece of the suede over that panel to see what I thought. I didn't like it at all. It looked really chopped up, and not nearly as good as the corduroy, even on a slightly different grain. I decided that I needed to really make sure though, and so I took the facing piece, which is suede, as is the collar, and placed and pinned them in place, and it's definitely going to stay the corduroy at the shoulder.

The pink you can see is the flannel underlining. It won't show at all after it's all together and lined.

However, on a hanger the design of the coat itself just wasn't working. I hated it, it looked a yard wide. So, I pinned the one front and the back to my dressform, and it was immediately like a different garment. The side curving around the body really makes the design lines make sense. I was very relieved. Anyway, that's what you're seeing above. Below you can see the same thing but with the front straightened and the collar piece off so you can see the entire front and the shoulder piece.

I had thought I was going to leave the pocket flaps off, then thought maybe I'd better put them on, but now I'm not sure I don't like it better with them off. I don't have to decide this minute, I guess.

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LauraLo said...

Wow, it does look great so far! I love the design, I also love the corduroy (both the colour and the wider strip) and the wide lapels!

Donna W said...

Looking good! Really like the two different colors on the sides.
Donna W
Edmonton, Alberta

Anonymous said...

I would consider two other options for that "oblique yoke" (using the pattern description).
Consider cutting the yoke on the crossgrain or consider adding a narrow strip of ultrasuede in the seam between the yoke and the other front pieces. The intent of the ultrasuede insertion is to give a visual break between the lines of the corduroy.
I know you can think outside the box and come up with a fine solution - even if the solution is to leave it like this.
I really like the coat and your design choices.
Enjoy wearing it!

Vicki said...

Good to see your double getting a workout! Have you thought about a line of piping between the two cordoroy bits - that would make the different grains less jaring? But if you wear the lapels open you won't notice anyway.

All in all, it is looking good!

Liana said...

Vicki & Miriam,

We must think alike! As I was drifting off to sleep last night, I suddenly thought of piping. I inserted it this afternoon and it's just the ticket! I don't want to pipe all the seams, but I don't see any reason why I need to either.

Thanks for the help!

Linda said...

I think this is going to be a great looking coat.