Tuesday, February 26, 2008



I found a hat pattern on Knitty called the Bloody Stupid Johnson hat. This is apparently a reference from the Discworld novels, which I have not read, but the hat intrigued me, and I assumed it would be a quick, fun knit. It's been fun and it's going pretty quickly, although I had one heck of a time figuring out the instructions. I had printed them out and on the "unravelled" part of the cable pattern, I didn't realize that my print-out had left off a critical red box around a number of rows which had to be repeated several times before finishing the chart totally. So, there was ripping and gnashing of teeth, and it all worked out, but really, even with the box, the written directions are not clear as a bell. Here's the pattern photo.

I'm ready to graft the ends of the horizontal cable section together and then pick up stitches to begin the cap, so I thought this seemed like a good spot for a break. I always have to read my grafting directions while grafting if I want a really good job. I will soon go find my Hiatt book and do it. I think the hat will be for either my brother or a nephew depending on who it fits. Very cavalier attitude, but it feels good once in a while.

I've also begun on a muslin of a Marfy tank top that I've made a couple times. So why a muslin? I've done it in knits before and this is for a woven, which is supposed to work, but I've added very large seam allowances because I'm just sure I'm going to need more ease in the woven.

I want to thank you all for your very kind comments and wonderful encouragement on my coat! Once I finished it, I decided to really do a spring cleaning on my sewing area, and in fact got to work on some of the rest of the basement as well. It's mainly just storage area and some of it has been sort of a dumping ground for whatever didn't find a home somewhere else. It's much nicer now, and I only need a couple more bins or something for yarn. The fabric is pretty much under control, or at least it all has a home. I'm afraid control may be beyond my abilities.
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Paula Gardner said...

That's an interesting hat. I haven't done any knitting at all in at least a couple of years, but seeing projects like yours gets me interested again.

Chris Jordan said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice and warm hat keeps head warm and safe from the cold wind in winter night's also I like this in fashion now more custom style here.