Sunday, July 09, 2006


Well, I finished the Elsebeth Lavold tank "Audrey" on Thursday, and I'm just not really happy with it. It's just plain too long. I've tried it belted, unbelted, any way I could think of, and there's just nothing for it except to shorten it. I think I can take out length in the middle and re-attach the two halves after I'm done. I really do not want to practically knit the whole thing over again. I've never had quite this big an error before, but these things happen, I guess.

It doesn't look terribly long in this photo, but the angle it's taken from makes it look a little foreshortened.

I also finally got to the point in the Schachenmayr cardigan where you divide for the arm shaping, etc. and realized that the pattern has a mistake. It's written in metric of course, as it's a German pattern, and they put the wrong figure in the pattern for the length when you divide. It says 18 1/2" and it should be 13 1/2", so that entailed ripping back to the correct length too, although not nearly as big a deal as the Lavold would be.

I did get some good work done on the Katia shell I'm making. I finished the back last night, and have begun on the front. It's such interesting yarn that it's fun to work on, even with a not very interesting to knit pattern.

Anyway, I feel like I'm taking one step forward and two steps backward today. Maybe the weirdness will stop soon. I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liana, couldn't you just secure the required length with machine stitching, cut of the excess from the bottom and redo the ribbing? I am just guessing because I don't knit, well haven't started

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Liana ~ I am sooooo sorry that you will have to take your tank apart and reknit it! What a daunting task?! But I am sure you are up to it and will keep us updated.

Liana said...

Thank you, Carolyn. I have decided to just put it away for a little while, as it's kind of depressing right now. I will definitely do it though.

Anonymous, You could do it that way, but you would lose the nice flow of the ribbing into the body of the sweater, and it probably wouldn't lay flat, etc. So, I think I'd better do it "right", even though I wish there was a faster, easier way, or someone else to do it. I really hate redoing things, but if you know you won't be happy unless it's done right, you have to just do it.

Anonymous said...

Liana, that's terrible! I wouldn't be happy about unravelling 5" of unnecessary knitting, or fiddling with the tank either. You're probably right to put it aside until you're not quite so annoyed with it. Hmph... And I was looking forward to a picture of you in the tank too:-(