Saturday, July 22, 2006

Just Looking for Buttons

Here's the shirt I'm taking to the fair this year. It's all done except the buttonholes and buttons, as I don't have any I like. I'm going to go look for some tomorrow. I'm actually done over a week early! This is practically unprecedented. Please forgive the wrinkly appearance. I thought I wouldn't bother to give it a final press until after I've taken it to the fabric store to look for buttons, and sewn them on, etc. It's such a fine, silky cotton that it seems to gather wrinkles as it sits there.

I tried something new on this shirt. I did a chevroned yoke, thanks Ann Rowley! I think it turned out beautifully, and it's a really nice design detail, and perfect with the tiny stripe in this fabric. I was quite sure that the stripe was white, but apparently it's gray, as I tried white threads and they were just overpowering, so finally went to a light-medium gray, which seems to match the stripe perfectly, and actually reads as white. I'm thinking dark blue buttons might be nice. Here's the collar and the yoke.

If you want to see the entire shirt, you'll have to look here, as the stripes don't read well in a small photo.


patsijean said...

Beautiful shirt, Liana. I thought I was good at matching stripes, but you are excellent.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Liana, especially the split yoke! I like the little monogram too.
Good luck!

mamafitz said...

lovely shirt (this is for your dh, no?). i do like the split yoke a lot. it's those little touches that take a garment to the next level.

good luck!

Linda said...

Great job matching the stripes. Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Those stripes definitely set off the back. As soon as you mentioned the stripes were gray I could envision a med. gray shirt button--maybe because of the monogramming on the collar.