Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lime Pants & Apple Top

Apparently, it's Fruit Day, and here we thought it was Independence Day.

As you can see, I finally got photos taken of the lime pants and apple print georgette top. The pants are nicely cool and a little loose, which is okay for summer, but actually, after wearing them this afternoon and evening, I think they're "growing" as I wear them. This seems to happen to some fabrics, especially rayons, and I can't decide exactly what to do. I'm thinking of washing them to make sure they won't actually shrink up again, and then recutting, etc. I hate to redo them immediately, but that may be what it takes. Now that I think about it, the fabric shrank up some and definitely got beefier after prewashing, and I probably should have ironed it back to its pre-laundering dimensions before cutting, but I rather liked the slightly crinkly look, and I didn't want to have to iron the pants back to size every time I washed them, and in all my previous experience, once they shrink, they stay shrunk. Maybe another washing is just the ticket to analyze what's really happening, and what needs to be done.

On to the top, which I quite like. It's Vogue 2683. I am glad I did a bias top, as I realized that rows of apples striding across my front was not going to be too charming, and I like the print on the bias much better than on the straight. But it was time-consuming and fiddly to sew, as each thing had to be done, then tried on again, adjusted, etc. I have made this pattern before too, and it went rather well, so I didn't anticipate this degree of fiddling around. That was a completely different fabric, however, and as we all know, the fabric is really almost the whole story. Ah well, it's done now, and I like wearing it. I think the lime silk duppioni binding works very well, although I must say I prefer facings in general. The top appears to be done changing shape and size, too. I hope. There are a few more photos here.

It's a fun, summer outfit, and I'd like to make a couple more tops that will go with the pants as well as some other things, but probably not bias for awhile anyway. The color of these pants is great with the floral Burda jacket I made, although it absolutely screams Spring so I am hoping that by next spring this color won't be hopelessy "last year". Of course, around here, last year is often somewhat avant garde, although more in styles than colors. Anyway, a neutral Little Blouse would be just the thing to finish the outfit, I think, and would be handy to have in general, as well, so I may go ahead and make that. I'm thinking small pleats or pintucks in the front, but I'm not sure yet. I often like the plainest things the best, so I should think it over.


Linda said...

I love the top and pants. They do look good together. Makes me think of spring and limeade.

Anonymous said...

A complete success, your outfit. It reminds me summer and outdoors. What pattern did you use for the top? Or did I miss your mentioning it somewhere!

I think the rayon might just shrink with laundering only to return to its original size if/when it is ironed. I really don't sew much with rayon, very seldom and then in the shape of wide baggy pants.

Liana said...

The top is Vogue 2683, a DKNY pattern. Sorry I forgot to mention that. I hope the rayon will shrink up again, but I suppose it will just grow again too. I've used a lot of rayon and have never had this happen before. Just lucky, I guess.

Stacy said...

So pretty! I just love the print and the pants match wonderfully! I agree with Linda, it makes me think of spring.