Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pants, But No Top Yet

I finished the pants I've been working on, and I like them a lot. They're a chartreusey color, more like Green Chartreuse than Yellow, and are a semi-crinkly rayon. I added 2 1/2" to the length, and they're quite long enough to wear with heels. I had planned a drawstring waist, as they're very springy/summery in color, but I decided that a Hollywood Waist, aka The Comfy Waistband, was going to be nicer. I am now working on a top from the Apple Print Georgette that I bought as a coordinate. I thought I was all decided on a Little Blouse, but I've thought of using the print on the bias since I got it, and I finally decided that the print really would be much nicer on the bias, and so I began on Vogue 2683 tonight. I shortened it about 4" from the original, which I think is a better length both for me, and to wear with the pants. Now I'm wondering if I can use facings instead of bias binding on a bias top. Otherwise, I may bind with a contrasting fabric. I'm not sure the rayon would be very good as binding, as it's kind of beefy, and the georgette is very thin. I have a couple things that might work well, including some lime duppioni. Anyway, when I get the top done, I'll post a photo of it and the pants. I found that the pants are very cute with the Floral Marfy Jacket too, but extremely springy looking, so I think it's almost too late in the year to wear them together. I hope this color of green isn't going to be a short-lived trend, as I really like it, and I'm hoping to wear it for another year at least.

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