Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Fleece Camisoles

From Lingerie

Perhaps not the most sexy lingerie item, but when it's below zero with 40mph winds outside, I think most of us are a little more interested in warmth. I am anyway.

I have a fleece camisole that was part of a pajama set I bought a few years ago that I use as a camisole when it's really cold. I've always thought I should copy the idea, and I finally did. I made two. The first one is very plain, with fleece straps, and just hemmed at top and bottom, and was made from a scrap of fleece I had. It was my test version, and I didn't even take a photo of it, I just put it on and wore it.

From Lingerie

The second cami is in a polka-dot fleece I bought with this project in mind. I used a piece of embroidered and scalloped sheer tricot (from my FabricDepot Stretch Lace Valu-Pack) beneath the hem edge, and found some large chenille rickrack in a hot pink that is the perfect strap. The top edge ended up a funny, but intriguing shape because of the way I cut the front and back together. I forgot to cut the front lower in the center after I was done with the double layer, but it is a very interesting look, almost like an Elizabethan corset top, and I like it. It would look cuter with a bow or twist of rickrack where the straps connect, but the chenille rickrack is so ravelly I think I won't bother, and it would make quite a lump under clothing anyway.
From Lingerie

The original has no shaping at all really, and I didn't give this much either, just making a small pleat where the straps attach, and giving it a fairly close fit, making the stretch of the fleece do the work. I love the sheer tricot hem edge and the straps give it a little kick, perfect with polka dots.

I think these are going to go on the list of great Xmas gifts, and my sister-in-law may get one for her birthday much sooner.


sdBev-NL6538 said...

Oh these are no cute. Since I'm just to the north you, I could use a few too.

BetsyV said...

What a GREAT IDEA! It sure is better looking than the men's a-shirts I wear ...

Sally said...

So cute! I wish I could come up with an idea for something that comes up higher in the back because my upper back is always chilly.

Rhoto said...

Cute! Warm!! Yes, sexy!!! Warm!!!!
A winner ;)
Stay warm, eh ;)

gwensews said...

I hadn't thought of fleece camis but what a great idea! Yours is darling.

Becky said...

Definitely a lot sexier than the usual fleece offerings, and being curled up into a shivering little ball, IMO. :)

Summerset said...

That is super clever!!! Living in New England, you have to deal with the cold too, and this is way cuter than a lot of things that you could buy RTW.

Fizillion Manager said...

colour combination is outstanding... i appreciate your collection.