Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fabric Shopping LA - Day One

From Drop Box

We shopped at Mood and F&S Fabrics on the way home from the LACMA exhibit yesterday. Since we're going to the Fashion District with Kathi and Susan on Friday, I should have more to take home than I brought with me. Thank goodness I have room in my suitcase. Somehow, I was prepared for this eventuality.

I knew I was looking mainly for high quality ponte-type knits for skinny pants, and that's mainly what I bought. It's so difficult to find this fabric at home, and also difficult to get the colors I want without seeing them in person. Feeling the fabric is always helpful too. I got 4 pieces for pants, so I'm pretty pleased about that. A nice brown, 2 greens, one a sage, the other more of a camo-green, and then I took the plunge and bought a piece of black. I suppose a pair of black pants will come in handy, and now I'll have one.

I found some interestingly colored tricots at F&S, and got a yard of each. They're 106" wide, like most tricots, so that's plenty and then some. The grayed blue and green are so soft looking, and they go beautifully together. I'm naturally thinking of lingerie, and I know I want to make a half-slip for sure.

The most visually interesting fabric is of course the burn-out plaid knit. I have kind of a wild idea for it that could be fun if it works. We'll see.

From Drop Box

F&S on Left, from Top: Blue Tricot, Green Tricot, Olive RPL, Black Ponte.
Mood on Right, from Top: Brown Burn-Out Plaid knit, Sage RPL, Brown RPL.


Anonymous said...

Liana, what success you had! I went to Mood about 6 months ago, and was so overwhelmed by all the gorgeous fabrics that I couldn't decide what to get, lol. Now I know that you have to go with a plan, and it sounds like that's what you did. BTW, I treasure my Mood bag ; )

Summerset said...

Nice! Looks like you're having a great trip!

Lynne Williams said...

Now I am crazy jealous! I used to shop at F&S weekly, this was before Mood opened in LA, so it was ISW instead..sigh,