Thursday, February 03, 2011

Fleece Thoughts -Plus- Most Fabulous French Onion Soup Ever

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First, thank you for the comments on my fleece cami. It's nice and warm. Sally had an interesting thought, which made me think. She mentioned that she'd like something that came up higher on the back since her upper back was always chilly. I then wondered why you couldn't use a pattern like Jalie 2568 with fleece. You could make the back neckline higher without too much trouble, although at some point a CB seam, some shoulder darts or other shaping method might be desirable.
You might have to be a little careful of the size you cut, comparing the amount of stretch in your fleece to the amount called for in the pattern, but fleece is pretty stretchy, and I think this could be a real winner. I have an OOP KwikSew pattern that is almost identical that I would use.

Now on to the onion soup. The perfect meal on a cold, cold day.

I have to give all the credit for this to my dear friend Barbara, of Cat Fur Studio. She is many-talented, and also has a cooking blog where I found this. Her method for making Caramelized Onions in the crockpot is fabulous and unbelievably simple. I now make sure I always have some of her caramelized onions at the ready in the fridge at all times. Makes for some wonderful things, and of course real French Onion Soup is not the least of those.

Barbara's Caramelized Onions and French Onion Soup Recipe and one more look at the delicious result.

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Anonymous said...

okay , I think I just gained 10 pounds just looking at that great soup!! I think I'll try making it this weekend Thanks...for the recipe, not the 10 pounds...

Summerset said...

Oh, carmelized onions, yum! French onion soup, double yum!

I have the other Jalie camisole pattern and I bet it would work well with foldover elastic and fleece, too, or any other lingerie elastic, too.

Sally said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my work on my blog. I need to post more on a regular basis but you know how that is... And, I'm going to try your recipe today. Snow predicted for today so it seems like the perfect time, even though it won't be ready until tomorrow.

WendyB said...

^^ Ha! I thought the same thing as Kathy. I want that soup!