Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashion Exhibit at LACMA

Fashioning Fashion at LACMA

There's always something fun to see in Southern California, and this was fun to see. If you're anywhere near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, you should try to see this exhibit. It's really fun to see all the gorgeous garments close up. They have mirrors behind some of them so you get a 360 view, too. We went yesterday since it was a Target Free Holiday Monday. I took a few photos at the fashion exhibit.

The first two are the same dress. It's early 20th century, and I love the trim, besides the general style of course.
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This dress has wonderful shaped collar and cuffs in velvet.
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This shows the cuffs, and guess who, in the mirror?
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A gorgeous emrboidered velvet kimono with a Fortuny-pleated skirt peeking out below. I have to think that the reason we only get a glimpse of the Fortuny dress is that it's in bad shape. What's there is gorgeous, though.
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This is a hat I just adore. Real gold embroidery.
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You wouldn't know it from my photos, but there were quite a few men's garments as well. Not quite 50/50, but probably at least a third were menswear. Most were highly embellished and embroidered, and in fabulous fabrics, so they were well worth seeing too.

There's a beautiful book available about the exhibit. It has great photos of the pieces, and lots of explanation. If you can get a look at it, you'll enjoy it.

We met a new friend at the exhibit too. It seems one can recognize fellow-enthusiasts. Hi to Mary from Fort Collins, Colorado!


Rhoto said...

Oh, Liana!! Didn't you want to touch!! To flip over to see construction details??
What a WONDERFUL treat for you!
Rhonda, who enjoyed YSL here in Montreal--6xs ;)

Mary Beth said...

Thank you soooo much for posting the pictures, Liana. What a treat to see :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you did not pay to see this rather unfashionable stuff.

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