Monday, February 28, 2011

California Fabrics

This is a photo of the contents of a box now working its way toward me on a UPS truck. I think I did pretty well overall. Kathi took me, Susan and Lisa first to FIDM, both the store and museum, and then to the Fashion District. We did find some good things.I bought mostly knits, some linen, serger thread, and elastics and stretch laces. FIDM sells almost all of their fabrics for $1/yard, so it's very difficult to resist when you find things you like. Here are some detailed shots with descriptions.

L-R, from top
Plum Knit; Brown Knit; Mauvey Knit Stripe w/Eyelet Hem; Gray/Silver Small Print; Brown/Gold Cracked Knit; Gold/White Swirl Dot Knit; Pink/Gray Line Knit.

L-R, Bottom to Top
Pink/Lime Floral Knit; Pink/Gray/White Plaid Knit; Gold/White Dot Swirl Knit; Pink/Gray Link Knit; Elastics.
Black/Gray Small Print Knit; Teal/Black Knit; Brown/Gold Cracked Knit.
Serger Thread, Eyelet Hem Knit; Sage Taupe Linen.
Plum Knit, Brown Knit.

These are closer photos of the fabrics.

I can't wait for them to get here so I can start in with them.


Jenni said...

What an excellent haul. The eyelet knit is fantastic. I don't think I've ever seen such a thing. Looking forward to seeing what you make with that one in particular (though its all lovely)

Summerset said...

Nice stuff! Looks like you had a marvelous trip!

Mardel said...

Oh my pretty pretty yumminess!

Lynne Williams said...

I attended FIDM back in the early 80' and now they have a store, and a museum? Looks like you had a fun and successful trip. I too love the eyelot piece, quite unusual. Looking forward to the projects. Where will you begin?

ACorgiHouse said...

Well, alright! A quite spectacular haul. Well done!

Rose said...

Wow! What a wonderful haul--thank you for sharing! The eyelet knit looks very special--did you get that at the FIDM store or in the Fabric District? I'm asking because I'm planning a trip to LA at the end of the week/begining of next and I'm trying to figure out what fabric is special this year. If you cannot remember where you purchased it, that's fine. In my experience, all the fabric stores blur together after the second store, but I figure it never hurts to ask.

I'm looking forward to seeing your sewing projects.

Rose in SV

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's all.

I'm stopping by to see your stash sometime when I'm driving to my daughter's house in Colorado!! lol

gwensews said...

Oh my! What fun you are going to have!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You got some great things! I'm sure when the box arrives and you get to touch these pieces again you will remember the wonderful time you had purchasing them!

drsue said...

We all made out like bandits! It was great fun seeing you again. Would you mind telling your sister to check her PM's on stitcher's guild? She's seems to not notice I sent her one (or she's ignoring me).

Bunny said...

What inspiration!