Monday, January 17, 2011

Toe-Up Socks and Possible Knitting Adventures

There's a chapter of the Knitting Guild here in Lincoln, and although I've been going to one of their monthly Sit-and-Knit afternoons for probably a year off and on, I'd never made it to one of their 'actual meetings' until Saturday. They're doing several Knit-Alongs this year, and the first is for a Toe-Up sock. Well, I'd tried a toe-up pattern once, and although it worked okay, it wasn't as much fun to knit as the regular top-down variety. However, I was willing to try again, especially since there would be expert advice on which techniques really do work the best.

We're doing The Traveler, A Toe-Up House Sock with Traveling Cables by

It's a worsted-weight sock, which makes for quick results; very suitable for a knit-along. The photo below is my progress so far.
Traveler Sock Progress - Photo Link
We're supposed to do the heel next month at the meeting, so I will probably just do the second one up to this point, and then wait on both of them.

I should say that we didn't do the crochet-chain provisional cast-on called for in the pattern. Instead, we did a Figure-8 cast on, which worked well for me. I'd done the Turkish cast-on before, and it's quite similar, but this seems easier, or maybe I just don't remember the Turkish as well as I should.

I've also suddenly gotten the urge to knit a counterpane, or cotton coverlet. The photo below is something like what I'm thinking of. It shows 4 squares which total about 14" across, so there would be many more before I was done.
Megan's Counterpane
I'm planning to swatch a little bit to see if I really want to use tiny yarn (thread) and very fine needles, or if I want to use a larger yarn for faster results and a very different look (and a different pattern). I've thought about knitting one of these for years. Ever since reading an article in Piecework in about 1996, and would now need a pair for the twin beds in my guest room. So, not only a lot of work once, but twice. You can see why I'm a little hesitant at jumping right in.

I was wearing my Graceful Pullover yesterday, and have often thought the stitch pattern (Frost Flower) is so pretty that I should use it for something else. Well, maybe a coverlet would be a fine place.
Photo Link
The sweater is worsted, which is very pretty, and if I did the coverlet in worsted, it would go fairly fast, and I could do the main pattern once down the middle with cables and eyelets at the sides, or more probably twice down the top, with one or two of the sleeve cables in the center. Then for the 'fall' on each side I could either do another pattern repeat, or something much simpler. I would seam it at each edge of the top, and I can see putting ribbons through the eyelet rows (columns). Anyway, I need to finish the Verena sweater I'm knitting now before I begin anything major. I'm on the back collar now, so it will soon be done. I was going to make a matching skirt though, and I suppose I still can. We shall see.

It was a beautiful day here today, and I hope the weatherman is completely wrong about tomorrow, and they're saying it's going to be bitterly cold, with possible freezing rain, etc. I'm probably driving to Omaha tomorrow, so I'm hoping for another 45 degree day like today.


Anonymous said...

Not that long ago I tried knitting socks with the magic loop (circular needle) and became addicted to knitting them. I haven't tried a toe-up sock yet, it's just so much fun to knit them top-down and two at a time so once I'm finished knitting so are both socks! Looking forward to seeing your finished socks. Love the colour of the wool and the pattern.

LisaB said...

Your sock is looking good!

(Secretly) I'm hoping you decide to knit the counterpane(s), because I've never seen these before, think the photo you shared is stunning, and would love to follow your progress. :-) It sure would be a large undertaking, though.

Summerset said...

Hmm . . never tried a toe up sock. Yours looks good and it doesn't hurt to have all that expert advice, either. I think I've seen the sweater before, maybe not, but it still is a stunning piece - the pattern is just lovely.

Melanie said...

I think it's great that you are trying toe-up socks again. For me, it's the only way to go...but only after getting Cat Bordhi's book, New Pathways in Sock Knitting. That book rocked my sock-knitting world! I highly recommend it! The counterpane in the photo is beautiful and would look great in a worsted too... especially on a bed. Much more appealing to knit that way too. :)

Mardel said...

I tried a toe up sock once and wasn't thrilled. I'll be interested to see how you feel after this pair, if it changes your perspective.

I always thought that sweater was so pretty.

We've had two days of ice storms with the high hovering just around 30 and we go back down into the teens through the weekend with sub-zero nights. I suppose we are making up for last year.